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Procurement Consultants are not only hired to save money but are there to create value in the organisation.  We have various consultants that have been hired to make savings for the organization but more and more we are finding that organizations require the need to understand who and what their customers require in the way of service. This is more apparent in the public sector and not for profit organizations where sometimes understanding their customers is difficult to get to grips with. If we take the NHS perhaps (where we have consultants working on projects) they tend to focus on the patients as customers, but are they? Or are they the product of referrals from the GP’s in which case the GP’s are the customers! So as you can see the NHS might be better off considering the GP’s preferences for service rather than the patients? We are not saying that the patients don’t matter but the NHS just might consider this. Perhaps they are both customers in which case does the NHS know what each stakeholder really wants from their service; it might be the way forward in patient care. As an example of this we surveyed one hundred patients and asked them to itemise their top five wants from the NHS, they are as follows:

  • Information, communication and involvement in decision-making about care
  • Being treated as an individual
  • Choice where it makes a difference
  • Predictable and convenient access
  • Equitable care and health outcomes
  • Being safe and protected in healthcare settings.

No-where in the survey did the patients want or imply they wanted same sex wards, but the NHS thought that this was a need of their patients! So carried it out?

This is just an example of adding value to a service that already exists but doesn’t really understand their customers’ requirements and preferences. Our procurement consultants UK can assess these issues and produce detailed analyses of needs and wants of the customer so that the organization can totally understand there market, and provide a better service as well as adding value by the allocation of key roles within the organisation, making the organisation more streamline and customer friendly.

Oliver John Procurement Consultants UK based.

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