Opportunity Analysis

Opportunity analysis is part of the procurement management strategy of assessing the potential for a change or enhancement to enhance the generation of revenue within every procurement services. The type of opportunity will vary, from small chances within a current production model that leads to expense reduction or increases overall efficiency, to the launch of new product lines that will increase profitability for the business as a whole. Whether the goal is to increase profits by reducing expenses or broadening the range of products offered, undergoing an opportunity analysis helps to provide an understanding of what effects, positive and negative, are likely to take place if a particular approach is implemented.

With any type of opportunity analysis, three key questions must be answered in order for the analysis to be effective. First, what are the benefits of implementing this opportunity? Next, what adverse effects are likely to occur when the implementation takes place? Finally, how will the implementation affect the overall function of the operation, and is the result worth making the change?