New Year Procurement Management

Procurement Managers can help and with another year over, but more to the point a New Year is about to start! Now is the best time to get your company moving, with fresh ideas, smart objectives and positive attitudes to the New Year? Putting in place a fresh face, an eager procurement manager can be a moral boosting activity for your company, setting aside any doubts in the organization of doom and gloom and creating positivity. We hear so much negativity in the news and media that companies need to break this conditioning and reflect on what can be achieved and just DO IT!
Our procurement managers can cover buying in anything, from raw materials and marketing services to getting the best price and quality for purchases. They can also break bad habits and create good ones, and put in place a feel good strategy to enhance happy cultures, something which if done correctly can bring innovation and profits.
As well as ensuring your company is getting the best deals, procurement management is also about developing good relationships with suppliers so everything runs smoothly. Keeping the suppliers happy, future opportunities to work on joint innovative solutions could head your way.
Placing one of our procurement managers in your team now will produce benefits that will hit in January 2013, a great start to the New Year I would say, and to keep the motivation up all year long. Christmas is a great time to do anything, people and businesses alike want to feel the warmth and success that being on this planet brings, and it’s a time of reflection and belief that prosperity comes in the New Year
So from all of us at Oliver John Consultants, we wish all our customers and our future customers a very merry Christmas and a welcoming New Year!

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