Interim Management

The role of the interim manager is to strengthen the organisations capabilities, we are highly skilled and lead transformation and change and more over get projects in place quickly and efficiently, handing back to the organisation on completion a project in a workable format.

Readily available and dismissible without the requirement for long notice periods, the interim management consultant is a valuable asset to companies, especially in this current economic era. Having no ties to the organisation the Interim manager can offer value for money, against an executive employed by the company who has cost of bonuses, NI contributions, pensions, and company car benefits to be allowed for.

Our Interim Procurement Managers within have a wealth of knowledge across the board, and usually are higher ranked than the job requires, we will give you results usually within the first week of being appointed, and will tell you how it is, and not how you would like it to be! We don’t get involved in office politics, and discretion is paramount.

Interim Management Consultant