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E sourcing can provide considerable benefits if implemented successfully, from supplier registration, contract management tools, e-tenders, e-auctions, and e-quotations…

Contractor Assessment

Performance of your contractors is essential to the smooth running of the organisation, if they cannot meets your demands on quality, time management, communication, reporting…

Interim Management

Our Interim Procurement Managers within have a wealth of knowledge across the board, and usually are higher ranked than the job requires, we will give you results  …

Procurement Management Procurement Management Procurement Management

Opportunity Analysis

Opportunity analysis is part of the procurement management strategy of assessing the potential for a change or enhancement to enhance the generation of revenue…


To provide a value for money procurement service that delivers financial benefit, as well as providing quality advice with contracts which deliver quality products…

Spend Review

A review of spending within the organisation serves to monitor and measure resources, and make sure they are being used effectively  …

Procurement Management Procurement Management Procurement Management

Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing plans provide formalisation to major spend categories to develop and implement key areas of spending within the organisation…

Supplier Audit

When and what to be appraised with reference to your suppliers is going to vary from organisation to organisation, this can be a time consuming…


There are various types of tenders and we would advise on what would be the most suitable and productive in getting the result…

Oliver John Procurement Management
What are procurement consultants?
Procurement consultants are basically people who have extensive experience in procurement or purchasing

Why choose a procurement consultant?

A major benefit of hiring a procurement consultant is that they provide totally confidential and unbiased advise, which is not always the case with some companies. Additionally hiring a procurement consultant would be financially cost-effective for your business, compared to hiring an employee, as there are no pension funds, PAYE, company cars etc, Moreover the consultant is usually paid by the day, and the organisation utilising the consultants services can terminate the services.

What can Oliver John offer you?

Here at Oliver John Consultants we aim to approach things differently- ensuring we give a high customer satisfaction. This is achieved by working closely with you to get the most from your business, augmenting performance, and developing relationships, ultimately making procurement deliver more.